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Twitchcon 2018

Splitmedialabs, Ltd.- Contracted

I was contracted by Split Media Labs as a Video Production Assistant to help Alienware with their stream at Vidcon 2015, E3 2016, E3 2017, and Twitchcon 2018. During the event I helped set up the audio, and video capture using a variety of different equipment. Equipment I had helped out with was audio mixers, audio wiring (capturing multiple PC audio, then grouping channels, and sending different channels to headsets, house speakers, stream audio, and local recording audio using HDMI audio extractors and hum exterminators), multiple PC video capture (taking PC video outputs, then sending them to the streamer PC through HDMI to SDI capture cards), taking camera SDI output feed and inputting them into stream PC, using X-Split to create a presentation for the online stream, taking X-Split output (then sending to multiple streaming channels, house monitors, and preview monitors using HDMI splitters), lastly talking with the talent and coordinating with the Alienware team to maintain the streams to their standards.